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Welcome to Engaged Church DFW

Pastor Vickie Roberts and the Engaged Church DFW Family welcome you to "The Experience."  ECDFW is a ministry focused on the advancement of God's Kingdom here on Earth. We do so by preaching the uncompromised Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe in complete and total freedom through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ECDFW is inspired by God to subdue the enemy thru prayer, fasting, and in-depth studies of the Word of God.

Pastor Vickie Roberts currently serves as Senior Pastor of  Engaged Church DFW, located in Fort Worth, Texas. We serve under the auspices of Kingdom Unified in Christ Fellowship of Churches where Apostle Michael Roberts is the Presiding Prelate. 

Engaged Church DFW was birthed from a passion to win souls to the Kingdom by pulling down strong holds thru preaching and teaching the Word of God. ECDFW is a MINISTRY FOR ALL PEOPLES.

 Vickie Roberts

Senior Pastor

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